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1. 02/25 will be our next FFA/Booster Club meeting. Please plan to attend  as our booster club is working to put on a golf tournament to raise money to help out our FFA Chapter. Plenty of opportunity to volunteer, help out or even play. We will meet at 6:30 pm 
2. 02/27 we will have an information meeting for the students and parents who are showing animals at this years Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. We will pass out exhibitor badges and what parking passes we have. We will discuss dates, loading times, expectations and show schedules. This will be at 6:30 pm in Ms. Uby"s room. 
3. This is a reminder that all pens that had animals in them for the Humble Livestock show MUST be cleaned out by Monday 02/25. We have been discussing this daily in our classes with students. Expectations are that pens must be dug our one shovel length, shelves, boxes, fans, all personal items must be removed. In the pig barn all shavings must be removed and pens washed out in addition to the above mentioned. Failure to complete will results in referrals being written to students AP and students being added to the campus fine lists. 
4. On Wed 02/27 there will be a mandatory work day for all students who raised animals this year to clean the entire Barns. This will not be a time for students to clean their pens and this was to be completed by 02/25. 
If you have any questions please feel free to contact us


2019 Humble ISD RABBIT ENTRY FORM Genevieve Ubnoskye 7/24/2018 672 KB
2019 Humble ISD TURKEY ENTRY FORM Genevieve Ubnoskye 7/24/2018 666 KB
2019 Humble ISD Broiler ENTRY FORM Genevieve Ubnoskye 8/14/2018 39 KB
2019 Humble ISD LAMB ENTRY FORM Genevieve Ubnoskye 8/14/2018 671 KB
2019 Humble ISD GOAT ENTRY FORM Genevieve Ubnoskye 8/14/2018 671 KB
2019 Humble ISD SWINE ENTRY FORM Genevieve Ubnoskye 8/14/2018 671 KB
2019 Humble ISD LIVESTOCK SHOW RULES Genevieve Ubnoskye 8/14/2018 291 KB
2019 Humble ISD SPONSORSHIP FORM Genevieve Ubnoskye 8/14/2018 78 KB
Capital Farm Credit Scholarship App Genevieve Ubnoskye 11/27/2018 44 KB



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